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Oven Heating Conveyors India

Cane Carrier Conveyor or Can Carrier Chain are widely used in Sugar Industries, Spirit Processing industries. Sugarcane initially feeds into feeder table & from feeder table it gets feeds into Cane Carrier for further carrying. Cane Carrier Conveyor width are as per Sugercane Length

Ageing line conveyor consists of continuous running Conveyor System at  fixed speed as per the ageing time/ Test time of each product having continuous electrified bus bar with sockets as per product design which provide continuous electric supply to product

  • Chain Breaking Strength min 60,000 kgs.
  • The cane carrier and its structure shall be of all steel construction
  • Slat Min Thickness 5 mm or 6 mm MS shall be as per IS : 8236
  • Planetary gear box for Cane Carriers
  • Pallet Type
    • Pallet type Ageing line conveyor suitable for all type of product testing. It consists of individual pallets consists of electrical socket running on top of free flow chain conveyor having electrified roller at bottom which provide continuous supply to Pallet.
    • Modular
    • This conveyor also used for Assembly purpose
    • Heavy Consumer electronics will be tested
    • Uses:
      • LED TV Ageing Line Conveyor
      • Stabilizer Ageing Line Conveyor
      • Cooler Ageing line conveyor
      • Washing Machine Ageing conveyor
      • Air Conditioner Ageing Conveyor
      • Refrigerator Ageing Conveyor
      • Heavy Industrial Equipment Ageing Conveyor
  • Product specific:
    • Slat Type Ageing conveyor are used for LED Bulbs, Each slat consists of Bulb holder with continuous electric supply specifically used to test Bulb

    • Chain type trolley Ageing Conveyor used for Tube lights, Bulbs or any other custom type Ageing Testing

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