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Oven Heating Conveyors India

We provide best quality Cooling & Drying Conveyors in India. Product like Lip balms, deodorants, cosmetics, candles, car wax, Injection Mould Plastic Parts, Bakery Products and certain pharmaceuticals are generally filled in a hot liquid state and then cooled to a solid form. Without proper cooling , these heated products can not only cause damage to boxes and other packaging prior to shipping, but they may also present a hazard in the facility due to their heat in some cases. One of the most effective cooling methods for these products is a cooling conveyor, which can combine efficiency with effectiveness in the cooling and packaging of heated products.

Cooling conveyors allow the product to solidify before moving to the end of the production line for capping, packaging, etc. Ultimately, implementing a state-of-the-art cooling conveyor in your production lines can help you get the best results from your operations on a consistent basis.

Our Drying Conveyors range are:

  • Fly Ash Brick Drying Wire mesh Conveyors
  • Print Ink Drying Belt Conveyors
  • Biscuit Drying Belt Conveyors
  • Foundry & Forged Parts Cooling Slat Conveyor
  • Injection Molding Plastic parts cooling conveyor

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