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Pallet type Assembly line Conveyors

The chain conveyor is used for transportation of empty or loaded pallets, assembly operation etc. They can
be customized to various lengths, widths and heights and can be installed on a floor, flush to the floor or
under the floor level.

This chain conveyor is ideal for the transportation of boxes, pallets and slave boards up to 1200 kg. It features innovative materials, e.g. aluminium alloys and high-quality plastic profiles for smooth running of the chain, as well as a sleek design. The conveyor consists of an aluminum side profile, steel crossbars and a rugged side guide made from steel tubing. The aluminum profile with integrated “T” slots provides for easy attachment of peripheral items. The unit loads are moved on a duplex chain type 10 B2. In order to keep the friction coefficient as low as possible, the chain runs in a plastic sliding rail. The conveyor’s maintenance is very easy due to the central drive and tensioning unit. The motors are dimensioned for 3/4 HP to 2 HP, depending on load speed and conveyor length.

pallet chain conveyors in haryana

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